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Default Psychics wrong about FF and Canon

With the release of the 30D, it does not appear Canon intends to
migrate completely away
from sub-FF sensors.

They've said that the 1.6x factor is here to stay. Between that,
marketing, and simple economics, I can't fathom why anyone would think that
it *would* go away. Even when the cost of FF sensors drops in half, 1.6x
will *still* cost less than half as much to produce (closer to 1/3),
allowing them a lower-cost entry-level camera - and the quality will still
be very good. There's simply no reason *not* to keep it, at least on the
lower end. And their introduction of an $1100, constant-aperture zoom EF-S
lens shows that they're not just keeping it for the very cheapest cameras,
but for somewhat more professional models as well.