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Default Psychics wrong about FF and Canon

RichA wrote:
With the release of the 30D, it does not appear Canon intends to
migrate completely away
from sub-FF sensors.

30D doesn't really mean much. The addition of spot metering is enough to
grant a new name, but otherwise is is just evolution of 20D. From the
marketing point of view, they didn't do anything wrong. The critical
issue was whether Nikon's D200 will be perceived as competition to 5D or
20D. Now, when it has settled as direct competition to the latter as a
"better 20D" (and, as it turned out, it is not really that "better", to
say the least) Canon can take some time off and play a "evolutionary
upgrade for a bit less money" game. I guess we'll have to wait for the
next iteration.

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Andrey Tarasevich