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Default Which is better? digital cameras or older crappy cameras thatuse film?

"BCampbell" wrote in message
The other main point you left out there
is the cost of that 14 megapixel camera, a price tag of somewhere in

region of 4000 is being thrown about, hardly an affordable way for joe
bloggs to take pics , is it, then in a few years 14megapixels will be

level and you will have to shell out another 4000 for the next big
megapixel camera,

Why will you have to shell out another 4000 for the next big megapixel
camera? When I bought my D100 they didn't tell me I'd have to get rid of

when Nikon comes out with another bigger mp camera. Was that language

in the fine print somewhere and I just missed it? I sure hope not, I was
planning to keep my D100 as long as it suited my needs just as I kept my
Nikon N90S even after Nikon came out with the F100 and F5. But if I'm
missing something here, and there is a law somewhere that says that buying
one digital camera obligates me to replace it every time a bigger mp

comes on the market, please let me know because I wasn't told anything

that by the retailer or by Nikon.

You don't have to get rid of your D100 but you will need to spend something
like 4000 if you want a top of the range camera. In the world of digital
photography, this means a "big megapixel camera"!