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Michael A. Covington
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Default Which is better? digital cameras or older crappy cameras thatuse film?

"BCampbell" wrote in message

Why will you have to shell out another 4000 for the next big megapixel
camera? When I bought my D100 they didn't tell me I'd have to get rid of

when Nikon comes out with another bigger mp camera. Was that language

in the fine print somewhere and I just missed it? I sure hope not, I was
planning to keep my D100 as long as it suited my needs...

Good point. I think all of the cameras I use, film and digital, are
obsolete! I don't think even one of them is in current production. And I
have a lot of cameras... the most-used are Coolpix 990, Nikon F3, Nikon N70,
Olympus OM-1...

They still work!