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Default Can Mac Adobe Illustrator read in a Microsoft PowerPoint with fonts?

Am Sat, 31 Mar 2018 09:16:49 -0400, schrieb Mayayana:

Those programs were actually put online by Adobe
some time ago. Adobe themselves provided the
keys. There were license terms with the downloads
that said they were only valid if obtained from Adobe
directly. Check. So it's all perfectly legal.

Later Adobe altered the terms to say the download
was intended only for people who had bought the
programs but had lost the media and key.

My guess is that they were offering them
to get new customers who might then want to
mortgage their house to buy the latest version.
Then it probably turned out that there were no new
suckers to be had. Only people who were interested
in Adobe products *if* they were free. So Adobe
backtracked and officially claimed that, "Yes, we're
giving this stuff away. But not really."

Thank you Mayayana for explaining the legalities which were already hashed
out in the adult newsgroup (Windows 10) and where I do appreciate that you
took the time and effort to explain this to Mr. Eric Stevens.

However ...

If this guy is from the Apple side, just explaining facts to them is like
explaining to a child why he can't have his hand in the cookie jar. It's
completely lost on these Apple children. Always. It's repeatable as the sun
rising every morning.

It doesn't matter what the facts are.
Just watch.

The Apple children, such as nospam has proven himself to be, will always
prove three points:
a. They have no intention to be helpful, ever, and,
b. They don't actually know the answer to the question, and,
c. They always just guess (where their success rate is that of the monkey)
Hence ...
They can only play their incessant silly semantic games.

Don't believe me.
Let them prove it themselves.