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Default Can Mac Adobe Illustrator read in a Microsoft PowerPoint with fonts?

Am Sat, 31 Mar 2018 22:01:46 +1300, schrieb Eric Stevens:

"freely available" does not mean that it's "free".

Hi Eric,
I don't know you so I need to know if you're coming from the Mac side or
the adult side (

If you're coming from the Mac side, then it's understanable that you're in
keeping with all the Apple children that they latch on to silly semantics
instead of the tougher technical topic which is being asked.

If you're coming from the adult side, I would simply ask you to answer the
technical question, which has no bearing on what the legal position of the
tools is (which, I might add, the adults on the Windows side already hashed
out to a level of detail that puts the silly Mac users to instant shame).

In short,
a. If you're coming from the Mac side, then you have no helpful intent, nor
do you have any technical capability to answer the question, so, it's
understandable that you latch, instead, tenaciously on silly semantic

b. If you're coming from the adult side, then I already pointed you to the
adult side of that non-technical legal tangent, where your immense
confusion will be allayed.

Now back to the question at hand which has nothing to do with silly
semantics that the Apple users /always/ latch onto because they can't or
they refuse to answer even the /simplest/ of technical questions.