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Default Which is better? digital cameras or older crappy cameras thatuse film?

"Michael Weinstein, M.D." wrote in message
They were selling the new Kodak 14 megapixel camera (with Nikon lenses) at
Ritz and I asked them how it compared in output to my venerable Olympus

The OM2, they said, beats it up. It will take a while for digital to equal
35mm and it will take a very long while for it to equal medium format.
Someday it probably will. But it isn't someday yet, and all the digital
cameras you can buy today will be useless museum pieces in a few years

compared with what is coming down the road.

When you say, "I asked them", does the "them" refer to the saucer people who
occasionally abduct you and put microscopic tracking devices in your head?
Just curious.