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Default Can Mac Adobe Illustrator read in a Microsoft PowerPoint withfonts?

On 2018-04-21, Neil wrote:

BTW, I worked my way through engineering school in my father's
prepress shop in the '60s, where I handled the darkroom activities
including process camera (my first experience with a 24" camera with
Zeiss lenses), screens, masks, etc. In the '70s I kept his digital
typography machines running, so by the '80s I understood what graphic
arts applications like Illustrator and Photoshop (actually, there were
several apps years before Adobe existed) were trying to emulate and
replace. But, the really important knowledge has nothing to do with
hardware or software; it's the principles of layout, typography, etc.,
which, even for simple signs is valuable.

Flashback to fond memories of those big, old, clunky cameras. I've taken
so many halftone and process shots I've lost count (multiple thousands).
At one point I took tens to hundreds daily. I naturally got to be pretty
good at it in short order. Darkroom work is fun work! : ) Like you (and
probably most of us who were professionals in the field back then, I
also got into digital prepress in the 80s. Linotype CRTronics, but when Quark, Photoshop, and Illustrator came along, the
real fun began. And you're absolutely right: things like knowing when
and how to trap things so the pressman isn't pulling his hair out, or
modifying files without causing fonts/etc to be converted into paths, is
the real art. Knowledge like that is lost on many people who claim to
know what they are doing. "Ragnusen's" dog poop road signs are a shining
example of that. ; )

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