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Default Can Mac Adobe Illustrator read in a Microsoft PowerPoint withfonts?

On 2018-04-19 11:26 PM, Your Name wrote:
On 2018-04-20 02:12:47 +0000, Alan Baker said:

You declared the Mac version of PowerPoint couldn't handle documents
with fonts embedded.

That is wrong.

No, that is a correct fact. The Mac version of PowerPoint cannot embed
fonts and cannot read fonts embedded using the Windows version.

I'm sorry, but that is incorrect.

While it cannot embed fonts, the Mac version of PowerPoint reads
embedded fonts just fine.

'PowerPoint 2016 for Mac correctly displays fonts that were embedded by
someone using a device running Windows, but it doesn't allow you to
embed fonts.'

It's one of many differences between the various MS Office options
(Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, online). The most obvious difference is of
course no Mac versions of Access or Publisher.