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On 2011-04-13 15:50:07 -0400, FotoCanuck said:

Hello Everybody,

I am new here and could really use some help deciding on a film. I am
doing photographs for my friends engagement and was wondering on types
of film and aperture settings. We will be most likely shooting outside
and will probably be a sunny day. I am using an Pentax MZ-30 with a
standard lens or maybe a 100mm(I think thats what it is) what type of
film would you suggest? Standard 400 iso? or something lower/higher? And
this will undoubtedly mark me as an newbie but what are the "rules" for
using a higher or lower aperture setting than that of the film/the
effects on the finished product.

Thanks a million and a half.


I hate to sound negative, but the questions you are asking are SO
newbie that you really have no business doing a project as important as
you are stating. You don't seem to have any real understanding of
photography. You are asking questions that have no meaning (the film
does not have an aperture setting). You have not even a clue what type
of film to use: the film, not the ISO is important. You don't really
know which lenses to use or why. Please. You need to learn a lot more
about photography before you do this project. If you are just an "add
on" picture taker then that's fine, but you shouldn't be the primary
photographer at the level you seem to be.