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Steve Wolfe
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going onto the second page the kit lens for the nikon is far superior.

Given that the Canon kit lens ends up costing about $80 and that the Nikon
kit lens ends up costing about $300 (well, now $200 with the extra rebate),
that's exactly what you'd expect, regardless of brand. The argument that
the D70 is better than the DR XT because of the kit lens is like saying that
one car is better than another because of the tires that come on it.

Also, their repeated argument that the D70 can shoot 144 continuous burst
frames while the DR XT can only shoot 14 is completely wrong, the D70 gets
(depending on your card) about 2.8 FPS for 15 frames, while the DR XT gets
about 2.8 FPS for 20 frames - then they both drop to about 1.9 and 1.6,
respecively, until you run out of storage.
( That sort of
exagerated inaccuracy really does make me question either their
familiarities with the cameras or intents.

(Note that I have no argument as to whether the D70 or 350D is a better