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"ian lincoln" wrote:
"Sheldon" wrote:

going onto the second page the kit lens for the nikon is far superior.

And far more expensive. Also, Canon has an IS kit lens alternative.

That page does make the spot-on point that the D70 is an excellent camera,
but it's a stretch to argue that it's better than the 350D, which was
designed to respond to the areas where the D70 killed the 300D while edging
it out in resolution and noise.

My prediction: Nikon will have a roughly US$1700 camera with the D2x's
sensor in it out before the year is out.

Canon is no slouch when it comes to lenses. Do you think the inferior
(according to some) lens is to save money and bring the price of the
camera down? Or, does Nikon just have the edge in this genre of lens?

Sno Nikon has one lens at a price point Canon doesn't. Canon has a lot of
lenses at various price points all around that. I'd rather the 17-40 +
(Tamron) 28-75/2.8 than any of those lenses.

After all, when you buy a "kit," the lens is often as important or more
important than the camera, and will make a huge difference when

images. A crappy lens on a 16 megapixel camera won't compare favorably

a great lens on a 5 megapixel camera, even if you blow up the prints.

No. The system MTF is the product of the MTFs of the components, so
improving any component improves the system MTF. Also, "crappy" lenses
aren't all that crappy at f/8 or f/11.

considering the main selling point of the canon is its 8mp sensor putting

inferior lens on the front seems pointless.

See above: although you'd prefer better glass with the better sensor, there
really isn't all that much difference in the f/8 to f/16 range. It's at
f/4.0 and f/5.6 that the better glass struts its stuff.

Also, the main selling point of the 350D is extremely low weight and price
without sacrificing image quality.

On the other hand i have read a
review of the 1ds mkII where they say "due to the incredible resolution of
this camera's sensor it will show up any imperfections in your glass so

should only be using L lenses but with cameras at this level this should

a given". This may be an indication that a better lens would be wasted on

6 or 8mp camera.

Again, since the system MTF is the product of the component MTFs, poor glass
will slow down even a 3MP camera. There's a review of the Canon 17-35/2.8
vs. the 16-35/2.8 on Luminous Landscape that shows that the differences
between those lenses can be seen clearly even on a D30.

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