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I hope this finally puts to rest the idea that more megapixels = a
better camera. Nice comparison. Thanks for the site.

I went from the 10d to the 20d and the big difference I noticed was a
much better contrast in the 8mp camera. Not sure if it translates the
same w the 300 and 350.

However the kit lens on the 70D seems to blow away the Canon version. Had
I not already had Canon lenses a couple years ago I may have gone Nikon.
For me the whole Nikon vs Canon thing is like eating a steak with a
sterling silver vs a silver-plated's the steak (ie the image)
that counts.

The Nikon lens is 3x the price. It had better be superior. I've not seen
image quality comparisons. From my experience, the Canon zoom has been
very good in image quality given the price.

yep John, I agree that at 3x the price it should be better and I also own
the Canon lens and have been happy.