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The final resolution debate.
Had an older couple who currently shoot film with an eos 300 and want to go
digital. They are currently scanning film and then photoshopping the
results. Rather insistent on 300 dpi at the final print size of A3. yet
they are using an HP injket. I didn't think inkjets could make use of
300dpi. As for the nikon well if they are getting the results they want
with a 300 then a 300D will be fine. The extra 200 would be wasted. On
the other hand the extra 2mp of the 350 may still not give them the
resolution they desire.

My advice was that genuine fractals and noise ninja would be of more use to
them than spending on the extra 2megapixels. AP said that the noise and
quality of the 300D was so good that even the bicubic resampling gave pretty
good results. I suggested they only increase the size by 20% at a time
rather than one jump. Finally i gave them a disk of my own work and said
"print that at A3 without any manipulation and see what happens". They also
wanted to know if they could take me home

Based on the same situation what would you have advised?