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I'm not sure this review puts to bed anything. The Nikon/Canon zealots
will read what they want out of it and come up with different

I for one have both a D70 and 20D. They are far superior cameras to the
original Digital Rebel, and from what I can see, the D70 is still
superior to the 350D DRXT. Oh,well, to each her own.

going onto the second page the kit lens for the nikon is far superior.

There certainly are more custom functions on the nikon, i wonder how many
budding amateurs would comprehend the real world practical use of each one
let alone use them to their full artistic potential. My main concern is the
sensor itself. Very low noise images even at high iso is a good thing. No
need for IS lenses if you can increase the sensitivity by 3 stops without a
serious compromise on noise.

I have heard of problems with moire patterns such as that of photographing a
roof with uniform slates lined on it. I've been shown an example of the
nikon censor producing interesting patterns of its own under these

The bundled raw processing software with the d70 is said to be ****e too.

My main concern as someone who sells both and is not on commission is that i
am giving an honest and informed opinion. The typical person who asks me
won't have done his reading and asks very basic questions about the cameras.
This makes me think things like custom functions and other things buried
deep in menus aren't going to be used so though on paper the D70 is better
you are paying for alot of stuff you aren't going to use. There is also the
issue of plain old image quality, how does the nikon cope in both raw and
jpeg. Such a user is more likely to be a jpeg user so which is the better
using that format?

A typical example is of someone who thinks he is going to make it as a
wedding photographer (don't ask). Typically alot of flash used to flash
exposure control is important. This means the d70. On the other hand you
aren't going to stick with the built in flash and the ex550 has flash
exposure compensation so is it an issue?

In a reasonably lit church were people aren't groping around in the dark
the EV0.5 sensitivity compared to the EV1 of the canon for metering and
focusing isn't really an issue. Black cats in coal scuttles may be one
thing but comparitively ordinary conditions i doubt it. On paper the nikon
is better but it costs 200 more even with cashback in our store.

The 350 is a nice compromise in price performance and features between the
300 and the 20D. With enlargements and cropping in consideration i think
the final resolution and sensor qualities tilt the balance in such a
customers hands.