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I'm not sure this review puts to bed anything. The Nikon/Canon zealots
will read what they want out of it and come up with different


I for one have both a D70 and 20D. They are far superior cameras to the
original Digital Rebel, and from what I can see, the D70 is still

to the 350D DRXT. Oh,well, to each her own.

Reading the first page the feature set has the slight edge for nikon in
terms of shear number of advantages over the other. Whether these

are individually or as a whole enough to sway one over the other is down

personal preference. Overall you would have to be hard pushed to use

of these cameras to their very limit.

As far as just image quality is concerned the Canon, with more pixels and
larger ISO range, probably has a slight edge. But I agree that the Nikon
wins feature-wise. One thing that stands out is the lack of wireless flash
control on the Canon. I bought a D70 last year, and hadn't really thought
about the feature before the purchase. After using it, I wouldn't do without
it. The problem with the Canon is not that it doesn't some with the camera,
but that they want 1/3 the price of the body to add it. You can get a decent
lens for that.