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Which is better, D70 or 20D?

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I'm not sure this review puts to bed anything. The Nikon/Canon zealots
will read what they want out of it and come up with different

I for one have both a D70 and 20D. They are far superior cameras to the
original Digital Rebel, and from what I can see, the D70 is still
superior to the 350D DRXT. Oh,well, to each her own.

going onto the second page the kit lens for the nikon is far superior.

Canon is no slouch when it comes to lenses. Do you think the inferior
(according to some) lens is to save money and bring the price of the camera
down? Or, does Nikon just have the edge in this genre of lens? After all,
when you buy a "kit," the lens is often as important or more important than
the camera, and will make a huge difference when comparing images. A crappy
lens on a 16 megapixel camera won't compare favorably to a great lens on a 5
megapixel camera, even if you blow up the prints.