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Default Taking photos of a computer screen

"rcurryastro" wrote in message

Greetings to the group from a new member. I am hoping someone has
experience with this or some good advice.

I am a stereographic photography and use a vintage TDC Colorist II
camera. It has no metering system or split field focus. Aperture,
distance, and shutter speed must all be manually set. For this reason I
have been shooting color negative film (since it has more latitude),
getting the film processed at a 60 minute lab (developed only, not
printed, no cut negatives), then scanning in the images using a Plustek
film scanner.

While I am happy with the results, I would really like to make some
slides from my images so that I can mount them in Realist format mounts.
3D slides are more pleasing (to me, at least) than prints or computer

Has anyone attempted to shoot slides of a computer monitor screen? Are
there any hardware devices to do this? Does color slide film render the
colors accurately (outdoor balanced film)? Thanks in advance.

Roger in Jacksonville, FL

There are a couple issues: is the computer monitor a conventional CRT (big
box, about as deep as wide and high), or a flat-screent type? CRT images are
"painted" on the screen line-by-line. If the shutter speed is too fast, the
trace lines will show up. A shutter speed of 1/30 second or longer usually
will work.

If you are happy with the results from color neg film, color slide film will
do the same, allowing for any difference in ISO speed of the film. Slide
film doesn't have the exposure latitude of neg film, so exposure and color
balance will be more critical.

There are service companies that can make slides from your computer image
files. Or you could purchase a device to create the slides (or negs)
yourself. Such device receives a video signal from your computer and has a
to record the image. You would probably have to shoot a fair amount of
screen images to make this worthwhile (or get a bargain on eBay!).