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Default Taking photos of a computer screen

Greetings to the group from a new member. I am hoping someone has experience with this or some good advice.

I am a stereographic photography and use a vintage TDC Colorist II camera. It has no metering system or split field focus. Aperture, distance, and shutter speed must all be manually set. For this reason I have been shooting color negative film (since it has more latitude), getting the film processed at a 60 minute lab (developed only, not printed, no cut negatives), then scanning in the images using a Plustek film scanner.

While I am happy with the results, I would really like to make some slides from my images so that I can mount them in Realist format mounts. 3D slides are more pleasing (to me, at least) than prints or computer images.

Has anyone attempted to shoot slides of a computer monitor screen? Are there any hardware devices to do this? Does color slide film render the colors accurately (outdoor balanced film)? Thanks in advance.

Roger in Jacksonville, FL