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Default how to put the border around a headshot?

"J C" wrote in message
On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 00:28:28 -0800, "M77" wrote:

In simple terms, whether you call it "dpi" or "ppi" really does not
make much of a difference (do you really see that much of a difference
between the word "dot" and "pixel"?).

you obviously don't do this for a living. i don't see any dots on my
computer screen, therefore, how can a digital image be measured in DOTS per
inch? photoshop does not mention dpi either.

Since you insist that "dpi" is wrong, I can only conclude that you are
young and don't really have much experience handling digital images
for a living.

wrong. i do this crap for al iving. dpi, when describing a digital image
is WRONG. aren't you tired of being wrong?

And I say young, because only in the last few years have
people really started using PPI when describing digital images.

uh, no. it's always been ppi. maybe YOU just recently discovered dpi was

So you
must have just become "aware" around that time.

your lack of knowledge is funny. holy crap you are one big dummy. you
need to read up on digital imaging and then get back to us.