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On Wed, 7 Jan 2004 00:28:28 -0800, "M77" wrote:

yeah, this is coming from a guy using the term 'dpi' to describe digital
images? uh, ok. what exactly is 'dpi'?

I guess you don't actually work with digital images in a professional
capacity then.

I'll tell you what, why don't you call someone in an electronic
pre-press department at a printing company and ask them whether using
the term "dpi" when talking about a TIF file is appropriate.

In simple terms, whether you call it "dpi" or "ppi" really does not
make much of a difference (do you really see that much of a difference
between the word "dot" and "pixel"?). The terms are used as synonyms
in the printing industry and everyone understands exactly what it
means when dpi is used when refering to a digital image. [However,
"lpi" actually is different.]

Since you insist that "dpi" is wrong, I can only conclude that you are
young and don't really have much experience handling digital images
for a living. And I say young, because only in the last few years have
people really started using PPI when describing digital images. So you
must have just become "aware" around that time.

I'm guessing you read your camera manual and some specs about video
cards and you think you know exactly what's what.

Come talk to me after you've spent 30 years working in publishing and

-- JC