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Default how to put the border around a headshot?

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On Sat, 3 Jan 2004 00:34:18 -0700, Marc 182

Quite the contrary, I read everything he wrote with interest. Idiot
would seem to be the last thing to describe him. Just because I don't
mag print doesn't mean I'm not interested in the details. He was on-
charter, on-topic, and maybe just a little off-point, ...but no, he was
on point too.

You shouldn't seek to speak for everyone else, just for yourself.


Thanks for the vote of confidence Marc.

People get really tied up in their personal explanations for the
rationale behind digital image resolutions and often don't see the
bigger picture that lead to the recommendations in the first place.

No problem. The guy just annoyed me because he called everyone on the
thread an "idiot" or "moron", except for me! The nerve! I can be as much
of an idiotic moron as anyone.