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Default More Morro Bay and the Dredge

On May 28, 2021, croy wrote
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On Wed, 26 May 2021 10:39:49 -0500, wrote:

I was back down at Morro Bay yesterday and was surprised to find the Army
Corps of Engineers dredge Yaquina still at work. I guess they must have had
all of May assigned for the project.

Anyway here is a 20MP still along with 1080P version of yesterday's Air 2S
video to keep the file size under control. I shot in 4K 60fps.

Very nice, very smooth.

Are you planning to take this commercial, or is this just a recreation for you?

For me this is just for recreation.
A year ago I bought my first drone as an exercise in C-19 lockdown boredom relief. I wasn’t sure that I would even be able to fly it, or that the novelty would quickly wear off. needless to say it hasn’t, and I have bought an upgrade, and I am having quite a lot of fun.