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Default Fujimoto Color Processors or Similar?

Στις 3/10/2020 6:39 π.μ., ο Vikesh Kapoor *γραψε:

I'm looking to construct a color darkroom at home.
Anyone looking to sell a tabletop color processor ie. Fujimoto CP-31/CP-51, etc.

Thank you!

so there are still people intending to print colour photos
manually!!processing manually RA4 colour prints I would call at this
time and age the embodiment of masochism. as I so foolishly gave all my
gear away thinking that digital photography is the next best thing
besides sliced bread, to set up a new colour darkroom seems extremely
difficult, to procure a colour enlarger and a paper tank in the least,
and the chemicals and papers from Germany since noone stocks them
anymore here. I scan them and print them on my Canon Pixam MX925.I have
a traditional darkroom for B&W.With a meopta for your
question there must be plenty of them on surplus, just as there are
enlargers, and I was looking for years until I found the match!